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Passionate, Supportive, Collaborative, Diverse

In 1996, Steve Peters founded Global Compliance, LLC — an organization that began by applying document management technology to legal and regulatory business processes to achieve “real” business solutions. This organization grew rapidly and within a few short years, had delivered numerous document management solutions across the globe.

​In June of 2001, Mr. Peters embarked on a new entrepreneurial adventure — Peters Technology Group, Inc. Peters recognized that today, a company's value centers on its “intangible assets”; the information stashed away in the minds of employees, partners, back-end databases and metal filing cabinets. His vision was to build a new company by bringing together communities of experts from around the world, in virtual environments, to help organizations capture their intangible assets and to provide a context for their application and preservation within the business environment.




Peters' mission is to help organizations build solutions that harness the value of their intangible assets through the use of technology and to help them use those assets in ways that provide business value.


  • ​Understand their true needs

  • Work with their internal people to craft affordable solutions that work 

  • Deliver solutions on time and within budget 

  • Transfer our knowledge to them so that they may be self-sufficient 

  • Build a long lasting relationship that is mutually beneficial


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